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Learn Spanish in Panama
U. in the enchanting islands of Bocas Del Toro and enjoy many exciting activities such as surfing, scuba diving and more...,

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
U. in the tropical paradise of Manuel Antonio and become immersed in the local culture....,

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  • Q. What do I need to bring for class?
    A. All you need is pen and a notepad. Small pocket-size dictionary is a good idea to have.

  • Q. How far is my home stay from the school?
    A. All home stays are within walking distance of the school or a 5 minute bus  ride. We pick up our students from their homestay for free for class with our minivan on Monday.

  • Q. I've had some Spanish training before, but don't really know the level I'm at, what class will I be in?
    A. On the first day of class, each student is given a brief oral test to determine their level. Our main focus is that our students learn as much as possible from their time with us.

  • Q. When are classes available?
    A. We are open year-round, and start new classes every Monday. We can accommodate special schedules.

  • Q. Do you have free Internet access for your students?
    A. Yes, we have computers dedicated to student's use and also wireless internet.

  • Q. I am allergic to cigarette smoke. Can I request a home stay with no smoking?
    A. Yes, on your application in the section for "Family Preferences", just note "No smoking".

  • Q. Can I request to stay in the same home stay with a friend?
    A. Yes, just note this on your application in the "Comments" section.

  • Q. If I arrive early, let's say on a Friday, can I go on a weekend tour or excursion before I start classes?
    A. Yes, You certainly can! Just let us know you'd like to do this in the "Comment" section of your application.

    Q. Can I stay with my host family after I've finished taking classes?
    A. Yes, but this must be arranged with the school before the end of your regular scheduled classes.

  • Q. Can I stay longer than I originally intended?
    A. Yes, just try to give us sufficient notice. Once you're at the school, a week would be sufficient.

  • Q. Can children attend your school?
    A. We accept children as of the age of 6, we have teachers on staff that have experience in teaching children. At times we can arrange for supervision while parents are in class.

  • Q. Can a friend or family member visit with me and stay at my home stay while there?
    A. Yes, but this also must be done through the school.

  • Q. Can I send in an application if I don't know my flight schedule yet?
    A. Yes, but please do keep us informed as soon as you get it.

  • Q. Can I split my classes? For example, take 2 weeks, tour for 2 weeks then take 2 more weeks of instruction?
    A. Yes, but you must sign up for all 4 weeks and pay for them at the beginning in order to obtain to obtain the continous course rate discount.

  • Q. Can I study at both schools, for example 3 weeks in Costa Rica and 3 in Panama?
    A. Yes, but you need sign up for the 2nd location at least a week before leaving your 1st location and also pay for your 2nd location in order to obtain the continous course rate discount.

  • Q. I can't eat certain food, is this be a problem?
    A. No problem, just write a note on your application.

  • Q. Is the water drinkable?
    A. The water is delicious in Quepos and Manuel Antonio and safe to drink. It is recommended to drink bottled water only in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

  • Q. Is there a discount for students that share the same home stay?
    A. We pay the families per student and therefore can not offer a discount.

  • Q. Are there any special shots or vaccinations needed before I come to Costa Rica or Panama?
    A. It is always a good idea to see that your shot record is updated and current before traveling abroad. See your family physician or a local travel clinic for any recommendations and if you have any questions.

  • Q. Since home stays start on Sunday and end on Saturday following the last class, what do I do if I arrive early or depart late?
    A. It is not a problem, just note your early arrival time or late departure date on your application and we'll find a home stay family that can accommodate you.

  • Q. Are cultural activities included in the tuition?
    A. Yes, we have classes such as Latin Dance Class, free surf class etc. There are alaso many adventure tours available at extra cost. Also available for the weekends are overnight trips to many beautiful places throughout the country. Minimum number of students required.

  • Q. Is it safe to rent a car while I'm in Costa Rica?
    A. It is not really recommeded due to lack of parking space and secure areas to park overnight, a rented car could be a liability and unnecessary expense. Public transportation (buses and taxis) in Costa Rica is both inexpensive and reliable.

  • Q. How long can I stay in Costa Rica?
    A. A visitor may stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days, after which they must depart the country for at least 72 hours. Many of our students that stay beyond 90 days visit one of our neighbouring countries, such as Panama or Nicaragua to comply with the law.

  • Q. What currency should I bring to Costa Rica, and where can it be exchanged?
    A. You should carry a small amount of cash (less than $50) for your initial expenses. Bring a credit card (VISA, Master Card), debit card and/or Travelers' Checks. We do not accept travel cheques but they can be easily exchanged at the bank. One requires a passport. ATM machines are available in some locations, but don't count on them being your only form of money.

  • Q. Can I use the schools telephone?
    A. Yes, receiving calls is free, but students need to purchase a calling card to use for any outgoing phone calls.

  • Q. Can I do volunteer work while I'm in Costa Rica.
    A. Yes, and we have various options of vounteer work listed in our "Volunteer and Learn program"

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