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Costa Rica is a small country, privileged in its location just north of the equator, with various climates, flora and fauna, and is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It covers a territory of 51,000 square kilometers. Itís many natural attractions include more than a dozen volcanos, rain forests, and beautiful beaches. Here you are able to come into direct contact with nature in Costa Rica's many national parks, which occupy more than 25% of the country. This combination of natural wonders makes Costa Rica one of the most visited countries in Latin America. About Costa Rica

The people of Costa Rica, also known as "Ticos," have their own culture and traditions and are very welcoming to visitors. If you want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica you first must learn about "pura vida." It can be used as a greeting or as a goodbye, but it mostly applies to the Tico way of life. You can feel it as you ride the rapids of the magnificent Naranjo River, hold a conversation with an "abuela" (grandmother) about her favorite recipes, or watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean from the beach. It is a love of life, a feeling of community, a sense of pride in a peaceful history, and a willingness to share.

At the El Paraiso Spanish Language School we teach you Spanish skills and share cultural experiences that will allow you to experience pura vida fully. Our veteran teachers and friendly staff are committed to providing a quality experience for each of our students, every step of the way. We make it easy to register on-line, prepare for your trip, learn spanish in an exciting environment, and leave with the urge to visit us again. In essence, our name says it all.

El Paraiso Spanish Language School is distinguished by its determination to provide exciting education through adventure, culture, and language learning.

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